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As a Community Interest Company, our focus is to tackle the issues those around us are facing. We aim to provide practical solutions and strategies through engaging learning experiences. The community is at the heart of our business. We are committed to providing educational services for the benefit of people from a range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Cooking Class


Eating well for less

This workshop is designed to promote healthy lifestyles through practical food activities. Inspired by the author of £1 Meals- Miguel Barclay, it demonstrates the possibility of eating well for less.

This is a 1 day course covering:

  • Basic cookery skills

  • What foods are good for me and my child/ren?

  • Food Labels – What do they mean?

  • How to create easy tasty meals and treats together- quickly!

  • Tips on food shopping on a budget

  • Fun cookery activities for you and/or children

Laid out in 6 easy steps, the accompanying course manual will guide delegates through the whole process, from thinking about attending the course to the outcome of the day. Included are the practical considerations, examples of what has worked and where to find extra support and information.

All ingredients and materials are provided. Delegates will leave with a meal and a special gift to continue them on the experimental cooking journey.


The provision of skills to boost employability

These 1-2-1 sessions take the delegate along a route to employment journey. It aims to address any barriers relating to seeking employment, and finds practical solutions to boost their employability potential.

Ideally suited to those further from the job market, it covers 5 key areas:

  • Looking at employment in a positive light.

  • Provision of the right skills/ equipment to successfully submit applications.

  • Become aware of the resources available to aid moving into employment.

  • Identify transferable skills to demonstrate your capability in detail

  • Verbalising key strengths and boosting interpersonal skills.

The sessions encompass a range of learning points including situational judgement tasks, using the internet for job searching purposes, communicating effectively as well as embedding Functional Skills English and ICT.

It is expected that delegates will end their contact time with the necessary documents and skills to continue job hunting independently.

Job Interview
British Pound Coins


Effective budgeting for the modern day family

This workshop provides delegates with useful and practical methods of managing their money. It highlights the importance of creating and sticking to a budget, provides access to a range of budgeting documents and signposts delegates to relevant external agencies.

The introduction of the new benefits system has left many families worse off financially. Adults who work part time and whose earnings are topped up by Universal Credits may also be experiencing a slight reduction in income. Usually, an adult’s biggest expenditure are living costs- this workshop seeks to encourage delegates to find money saving solutions for their variable household costs while still maintaining a quality standard of living.

This workshop provides:

  • Editable/ printable budgeting documents

  • Key tips on reducing common bills- phone/ broadband/TV/food

  • Information on the importance of priority bills/ debts

  • Signposting- who should you contact if you are experiencing financial difficulty

This workshop can be attended on a one-off basis, but is ideally suited to candidates ready to embark on employment. By attending the workshop, residents are able to identify a cash flow forecast in direct relation to their current or expected income on an individualised basis

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